Statistic shows that the waiting lists are very long for social housing/supported living tenants in almost every council of the country and the demand heavily outweighs the supply. The Covid disruption might have even worsened the situation and many vulnerable people find themselves struggling and needing a roof over their heads.


Here at Win Legacy, we look after our community and give back with what we can. It is a core foundation of our company. Our director Tonay Win has a strong background in tackling social issues and has led many social projects in Kingston and London before becoming a property entrepreneur.  He is a multi-awards winner of social impact awards and community leadership award honoured by the likes of Professor Green and Sir Trevor Mcdonald. 

We have used his expertise and vision in our quest to make a difference in the society through our business ventures. 

As of 2021, We have partnered with multiple housing associations and supported living providers in London, Kent, and Midland regions to meet the housing needs. 

We work with landlords and investors who are like-minded and want to help out on the long term basis. We are committed to making a change and providing quality living space for our clients. 

If you are a housing association, supported living provider, charity looking to partner with us, please get in touch here.

Likewise, if you are a landlord who wants to make a difference in the society and also received a guaranteed income for on a long term lease, please get in touch here.

Read more about our rent guaranteed long term lease by clicking here.

Social organisations & Landlords who want to partner with us, please do get in touch now.

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